Urgent Global Need For COVID-19 Oral Pill Therapeutic Vaccine




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Urgent Global Need For COVID-19 Oral Pill Therapeutic Vaccine

NEW YORK, NY, January 6, 2021 – KEY CAPITAL CORPORATION (OTC Pink: KCPC) advises that it is fast becoming clear that the approach to global COVID-19 vaccination is in crisis.

While WHO advocates that: “no one is safe until everyone is safe”, their COVAX facility viability is being questioned, with major cities and countries in various stages of lockdown, hospitals overwhelmed and sadly, as reported by the World Bank, this year will see COVID-19 responsible for as many as150 million people relegated to extreme poverty (living on less than US$1.90 / day). Millions will die from starvation.

Key Capital Chairman, Peter Boonen today stated: 

“The need to vaccinate the world population is unprecedented, and the flawed and troubled WHO COVAX approach will go nowhere near resolving the global crisis or providing fair and equitable access for all. Most of the world’s poor countries cannot afford the vaccine and the countrywide vaccination costs, and GAVI is reported to now requiring minimum payments from these poor countries as well.” He further advised:

“What the world urgently needs is a simple affordable room temperature stable vaccine that can be readily and economically mass distributed with minimal administration costs. If an affordable easily mass distributed solution is not found re-infection will continue and as advised by GAVI, the virus impact would then continue unabated.”

For the record, the WHO and GAVI driven COVAX vaccine facility has been established to purportedly provide everyone, and especially the world’s poor countries, fair and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines. The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations(GAVI) website advises: 

“It is the only truly global solution to this pandemic because it is the only effort to ensure that people in all corners of the world will get access to COVID-19 vaccines once they are available, regardless of their wealth.” Adding that the COVAX facility is necessary because:  

“without it there is a very real risk that the majority of people in the world will go unprotected against SARS-CoV-2, and this would allow the virus and its impact to continue unabated.”

The reality is that COVAX is not providing any “truly global solution to this pandemic”. As the virus mutates, and daily infections, hospitalizations, and deaths increase, current therapeutic options remain limited, and global vaccination is simply not a reality, even within a 5-year timeframe under current circumstances. 

Key Capital believes its COVID-19 oral pill therapeutic vaccine can meet the pandemic challenges by offering therapeutic treatment options and a highly efficient global mass vaccination option, which is what motivates Key Capital to seek funding partners for its COVID-19 vaccine opportunity. 

Key Capital believes its oral pill vaccine and similar options such as the iavi/Merck collaboration, Vaxart, and the promising MK-4482/EIDD/2801 being tested by the Institute for Biomedical Sciences at Georgia State University, should all be aggressively pursued, as oral vaccines can very rapidly:

  • Provide for the most expedient mass manufacture and mass distribution
  • Inhibit COVID-19 progression to severe disease
  • Shorten infected and infectious disease stages
  • Contain local and larger outbreaks
  • Prove to be gamechangers in the global vaccination solution

Key Capital encourages inquiry from parties having an interest to partner funding to support the clinical trials required to achieve marketing approvals for its COVID-19 therapeutic Vaccine.


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About Key Capital Therapeutic Vaccines:

To the Company’s knowledge, its vaccine products are the only products demonstrating success as an oral vaccine to treat terminal and late-stage cancers, TB, and other serious conditions – and the only known therapeutic immunotherapy vaccine treatment available as a simple pill without side effects. 

Of specific significance in the case of the oral pill vaccine application to COVID-19 is that almost all infectious viruses enter the host through mucous membranes. Therefore, mucosal immunity, rather than systemic, is regarded as essential to maximally protect against any such transmitted pathogens.  

Key Capital Business Focus:

As advised in previous announcements, the Company will in association with Immunitor Inc, remain focused and seek to fast-track further clinical studies and regulatory approval of the FDA Orphan Drug Designated Immunitor V5 as a development priority. 

The Company is additionally offering the COVID-19 therapeutic vaccine partnering opportunity as there is a clear and urgent global need for a simple, affordable, and easily mass-distributable COVID-19 treatment, and significantly, the Key Capital COVID-19 oral pill therapeutic vaccine has already been developed and is currently being tested in several Asian locations.   

Current Liver Cancer (HCC) Situation and Options:

There is urgent need for an effective liver cancer treatment, as its incidence is increasing affecting over 800,000 people annually with a high mortality rate of about 700,000 per year, and treatment options being prohibitively expensive. In most patients, by the time HCC is diagnosed, surgical intervention or liver transplants are often not feasible, and conventional systemic chemotherapies have poor response success and are quite systemically toxic. 

None of the currently approved or experimental HCC drugs are free from adverse side effects, nor have they secured significant success in treatment or shrinking tumors. Keytruda for example, aside from its high cost, only has a 10% positive response rate in 12month HCC treatments. 

Breakthrough Liver Cancer Treatment

Immunitor V5 has demonstrated unparalleled success in all clinical studies to date for the treatment of liver cancer, which is predominantly hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). In a phase 2 randomized placebo control clinical study reported in February 2017 peer-reviewed open access Journal of Hepatocellular Carcinoma,  of 75 patients with late-stage or inoperable HCC, over 90% were responsive to the oral V5 treatment and alive after a median 12 months of follow up – by comparison only about 10% are responsive after one year of treatment with Nexavar.

Key Capital Corporation: The Company’s immediate objective is the further development of the oral pill therapeutic vaccine opportunity through its Key Biotec and Immunitor partnering, particularly on advancing the Orphan Drug Designated V5 liver cancer candidate.

For further information see: https://keybiotec.com and https://keycapitalcorp.com



For all inquiries please contact: Key Capital at +1 (646) 401-0177, or Peter Boonen, Chairman, at peter@keycapitalcorp.com  



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