Key Capital Leads Oral Pill Vaccines Race with Immunitor Partnering and Strong Patenting
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Key Capital Leads Oral Pill Vaccines Race with Immunitor Partnering and Strong Patenting

Multiple Human Clinical Trials Have Demonstrated Unprecedented Success in Cancers, Including HCC Liver Cancer, Vascular and Other Diseases, and Viruses.

NEW YORK, NY, March 3, 2021 – KEY CAPITAL CORPORATION (OTC Pink: KCPC) in response to recent global media coverage of a scramble or race to develop oral pill vaccines for disease treatment and/or for application to viruses including SARS-CoV-2, advises that, Immunitor, its Licensor and Partner is well recognized globally as a pioneer in oral vaccines development.

Immunitor has been researching and developing oral pill vaccines for over two decades and has reported game changing success in human clinical trials in HCC Liver Cancer and many other medical conditions, that have been extensively published in leading peer reviewed medical journals.

Key Capital identified the COVID-19 oral pill vaccine need and opportunity a year ago, which ultimately inspired Immunitor lead scientist the late Aldar Bourinbaiar to develop the vaccine. Subsequently, it has been dramatically improved by Immunitor CEO and pharmacist, Vichai Jirathitikal, and as reported on January 18, ongoing studies by an independent leading Asian University research center have confirmed safety and 90% effectiveness in coronavirus inactivation.

As extensively reported in the last several days, Professor Sarah Gilbert, the lead developer behind the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine last month advised a UK parliamentary committee that her Oxford team is now investigating oral pill and nasal spray vaccine delivery options, stating:

“That (intra-muscular injection) is not necessarily the best way to provide protection against a respiratory virus infection, where we want the immune system to be active in the upper respiratory tract and then in the lower respiratory tract, which is where the virus is causing the infection.” Adding: “It’s also possible to consider oral vaccination where you take a tablet that will give you the immunisation, and that would have a lot of benefits for vaccine rollout if you didn’t have to use the needles and syringes for people.”

As reported by the Independent, Kate Bingham the former head of the UK’s vaccine taskforce has said there needs to be a more efficient way of administering inoculations, including the use of pills, patches, or nasal sprays to speed up the process.  

“Frankly, two injections delivered by health care professionals is not a good way of delivering vaccines. We need to get vaccine formats which are much more scalable and distributable, so whether they are pills or patches or nose sprays.”

Additionally, ImmunityBio, Inc which is in reverse merger process with NASDAQ listed NantKwest, Inc reported that it had licensed Coronavirus oral pill vaccine rights from iosBio with Patrick Soon-Shiong, M.D., Chairman and CEO of ImmunityBio, and former CEO and majority shareholder of NantKwest, Inc.  commenting on the rights acquisition:

It is also critical to develop a room-temperature, stable oral formulation of the vaccine, one that will provide mucosal immunity. We’re doing that with iosBio’s unique oral vaccine delivery platform technology that has the potential to transform the way people take vaccines and addresses the challenges of storage and global distribution of vaccines.

This recent market coverage highlights just some of the increased activity and focus on the opportunity for oral pill vaccines, and in this regard Key Capital advises that along with Immunitor, the Company will be reviewing the multiple and strong Immunitor oral pill vaccine patents suite to assure and protect the partnered Intellectual Property assets and licensing.

Key Capital Chairman Peter Boonen today stated:

“It is interesting to see the recent rapid increase in NantKwest value without it having delivered the ‘Moon-shot’ cancer drug and in anticipation of the ImmunityBio merger. It highlights the Key Capital and Immunitor opportunity as we have a strong oral pill vaccine patents suite and the Immunitor cancer vaccines in human clinical trials are already delivering the Moon-shots. We are now progressing to establishing clinical trials that are positioned to enable Western world regulatory approvals.”

Adding: “After close to 20 years of personal involvement and lately with KEY Biotec and Key Capital it is enlightening to see other major players now entering this exciting field. I have no doubt it will prove to be an industry game-changer, as we have already seen unprecedented success in human clinical trials of HCC liver cancer, other cancers and diseases, and lately in cases of COVID-19 in limited Asian jurisdictions where it is already available as a supplement.”

Key Capital does stress that while it welcomes and looks forward to major players creating further opportunity and oral pill vaccines and/or other orally administered products, the Company along with Immunitor its partner, will seek to ensure that its Intellectual Property is not compromised.

Key Capital Corporation:

The Company’s focus is on the further development of its oral pill therapeutic vaccines through its KEY Biotec and Immunitor partnering, particularly on advancing the highly-promising FDA Orphan Drug Designated V5 HCC liver cancer therapeutic vaccine. Additionally, where products can be marketed as supplements, the Company will actively explore these options.

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