Key Capital Offers to Help India COVID Crisis with Major Aid Potential via its 24/7 Immune Supplement
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Key Capital Offers to Help India COVID Crisis with Major Aid Potential via its 24/7 Immune Supplement

MaxCellLife 24/7 Immune Supplement has been Reported Effective for COVID-19, Colds and Flu, with 90% Reduction in COVID-19 Virus Infectivity Additionally Reported Through Independent University Research Lab Study

NEW YORK, NY, April 29, 2021 – KEY CAPITAL CORPORATION (OTC Pink: KCPC) advises it is evident the COVID situation in India is a humanitarian catastrophe, and that although the head of WHO states it is “beyond heartbreaking”, it appears that the COVID crisis in India will unfortunately get a lot worse.

A major factor impacting India is that, with its resources stretched and its hospitals overrun, there is no viable affordable therapeutic product available to the millions of people with COVID-19 infection. This situation also impacts 250 Indian people being infected every minute of the day with nowhere to go as India is already dealing with well over 18 million current infections that have limited therapeutic options.  

As reported earlier this week, in some countries people with COVID-19 have been resorting to our supplement, many later advising that they began to feel better within days. This supports the anecdotal use reports of people feeling better within as little as 24 hours when taking the supplement on the first evidence of cold or flu. Further, as reported in January 2021, preliminary tests conducted by a leading Asian university research institute on the Immunitor Supplement have shown safety and a 90% reduction on SARS-CoV-2 virus infectivity in mammalian cells following exposure to the HAP-V+. This laboratory testing highlights HAP-V+ methodology and its potential to inactivate and/or prevent viral infection, and its oral mucosal administration advantage.

Key Capital Offer to India:

As the situation in India could not be more urgent, Key Capital in partnership with Immunitor offers ten (10) suitably qualified and capable parties, such as hospitals, medical practices, CROs, or similar the opportunity to trial our MaxCellLife 24/7 Immune supplement in ten sites across India. Each site will offer 1,000 people that are already infected with COVID-19 a free 10-day supplement supply.

The total 10,000 10-day supplement courses will be provided to participating applicants free of charge.

Key Capital advises that to date there have been no human clinical trials anywhere that support the efficacy of the supplement against COVID-19 or any other condition. The supplement, which includes a proprietary magnesium chloride hexahydrate compound, has been designed to support improved natural immunity, however, it is hoped that the offered free product for use in monitored 10-day trials in India will provide support for therapeutic efficacy of our supplement in cases of COVID-19. If this proves the case, then the product will immediately be made available as a supplement with a priority for supply in India.  

Vichai Jirathitikal CEO and founder of Immunitor (Thailand) today stated:

“We certainly hope that we will see trials of our patent protected supplement quickly establish in India, and certainly hope that these trials will support the anecdotal reporting of efficacy in cases of COVID-19. If this were to prove the case then it would be such a breakthrough for India who so desperately need help, as well as for the rest of the world.”

Key Capital Chairman, Peter Boonen added:

“I look forward to Key Capital and Immunitor being able to potentially help so many people in India in desperate need and to engagement with suitable testing site participants.”

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About Immunitor:

Immunitor, Key Capital’s Licensor and Partner is well recognized globally as a pioneer in oral vaccines development. Immunitor has been researching and developing oral pill vaccines for over two decades and has reported game changing success in human clinical trials in HCC Liver Cancer and many other medical conditions, that have been extensively published in leading peer reviewed medical journals.

About Key Capital Corporation:

The major Key Capital focus is on further development of oral pill therapeutic vaccines in its KEY Biotec and Immunitor partnering, particularly on advancing the promising FDA Orphan Drug Designated V5 HCC liver cancer vaccine which has demonstrated unprecedented success in a clinical trial of 75 late stage and/or terminal cancer patients., the dietary supplements distribution and marketing arm of Key Capital is dedicated to being the best fusion of Science and Nature, delivering powerful supplements and skincare products to support BODY, FACE, and MIND, wellbeing and healthy antiaging.

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