Key Capital Launches Unique Natural Mental Health Supplement – MaxCellLife MIND
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Key Capital Launches Unique Natural Mental Health Supplement – MaxCellLife MIND

MaxCellLife MIND, a Proprietary M.Vaccae and Magnesium Compound, targets the Multi-Billion Anxiety, Stress and Depression Market                                                                     

NEW YORK, NY, April 8, 2021 – KEY CAPITAL CORPORATION (OTC Pink: KCPC) advises that in association with its partner, global oral pill vaccine pioneer Immunitor (Thailand) Co., Ltd, the Company is today launching its unique M.vaccae and magnesium dietary supplement in the $18 billion Anxiety and Stress market.

MaxCellLife MIND is now available through the Company’s marketing website   

Our Market – Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

As is extensively reported, in our fast-paced modern world Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and often associated serious mental health incidence is increasingly prevalent.

Most of us daily experience some level of stress and/or anxiety that our immune system regularly copes with. For extended or elevated incidents, stress or anxiety can trigger ‘fight-or-flight’ responses resulting in Adrenaline or Cortisol rushes proportionate to the incident, which can then affect blood pressure, brain functionality, nerves, digestion, etc. If not managed, increased anxiety or stress can lead to domestic and workplace incidents, exam pressures, states of depression, loss of confidence, sleep issues, hormone disruption and risk of chronic inflammation, thereby potentially further aggravating the situation.

COVID-19 Adding to the Burden

COVID-19 is additionally contributing to the global mental health burden, both directly and indirectly. As reported by CNN this week, a study of over 200,000 COVID-19 patients by Oxford University, published in The Lancet on Tuesday has revealed that in people treated for COVID-19 some 17% were suffering from anxiety, and 14% from mood disorders.

Mood Management – Naturally

With over 60% of adult Americans not getting sufficient daily magnesium, is it any wonder that anxiety, stress, and other health issues are on the rise? Magnesium is a critical mineral nutrient well known to be a factor in natural anxiety and stress management. The MaxCellLife MIND proprietary form of ionic magnesium chloride hexahydrate is believed to support superior natural magnesium response.

MaxCellLife MIND magnesium is coupled with M.vaccae, a unique natural probiotic, that in recent years has been the subject of many studies supporting its potential for activation of increased serotonin levels, which in turn is known to improve mood.

MaxCellLife MIND

A major challenge has been how to get sufficient of the magnesium and M.vaccae proprietary compound to the gut which we resolved by leveraging the Immunitor suite of oral pill patents. This patented oral pill delivery technology assures delivery to the heart of the body’s immune system in the gut, without being degraded as it passes through the stomach acids.

The gut, often referred to as the body’s ‘second brain’ comprises nerves, cells and over 100 million neurons. This gut neural tissue produces over 30 different neurotransmitters, including a massive 95% of the production and storage of serotonin, well recognized for its role in regulating our mood and wellbeing.


Technology Validation:

Key Capital’s pioneering Immunitor partner scientists have been leveraging the extraordinary power of the massively complex gut immune system and its relationship to health for over twenty years, and especially the effectiveness of vaccines delivered to the gut through Immunitor patented oral pill technology. Many major pharmaceutical companies are now researching oral pill opportunities and others in the gut/brain sector. Most recently, in November 2020, the USA National Institutes of Health issued a Press Release headed: “The gut trains the immune system to protect the brain” and describing new discoveries in association with Cambridge University that Immunitor’s pioneering scientists have been publishing in peer-reviewed clinical studies for almost two decades.

MIND by MaxCellLife is a unique, world-first supplement with the potential to optimize the gut-brain connection through natural support for people with anxiety or stress related issues. Wellness, from the inside out. See:

Key Capital Corporation:

The major Key Capital focus is on further development of oral pill therapeutic vaccines in its KEY Biotec and Immunitor partnering, particularly on advancing the promising FDA Orphan Drug Designated V5 HCC liver cancer therapeutic vaccine., the dietary supplements distribution and marketing arm of Key Capital is dedicated to being the best fusion of Science and Nature, delivering powerful supplements and skincare products to support BODY, FACE, and MIND, wellbeing and healthy antiaging.

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